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Why are you here?

Does science make you nervous?

Do you hear science and health news and want to know more?

Do you want to know what happens in a science lab?

Maybe you're a non-scientist who wants to engage in science or has a question about how cancer works.


Or maybe you're an early scientist who wants to know what you're getting into.


Or you might be an experienced scientist who want to explore why so many have anxiety over science and want to help . 

If this fits your style, I hope you stick around to help me explore these questions and more!

Who am I?

Welcome to my small corner of the internet, where I want to demystify scientific ideas, explain the life of an everyday scientist, and share my excitement about cool stuff.

I have always been interested in the complexity of biology, how such living things work, and what happens when something goes wrong.


I'm no expert, but I plan to keep growing and learning as this space grows. 

Join me!

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